It’s time for the Australian people to sue the Abbott government

July 09, 2015

Science isn’t enough for the Abbott Government. Neither is world opinion, nor even the recent people versus the Dutch government verdict. Things appeared to be looking up earlier this week when it was recognised that LNG projects might be delayed or not go ahead at all because the world was looking for fossil fuel alternatives, but almost immediately the Government said yes to the latest coal-mine, in the NSW Liverpool Plains catchment.  

The approval comes only days after the release of the Government’s agriculture white paper which purports to value, protect and boost Australian farming and agriculture. But approving CSG and coal projects makes the Government complicit in the destruction of some of our most valuable farm and agricultural land. It threatens water catchments, human health, communities and biodiversity and the Government’s work is almost completed by its erosion of a thriving and jobs-creating renewables industry in a country with endless supplies of solar, wind and geothermal energy.

With business owning governments and now, it would appear, the unions too, the only thing getting in the way are the activists. So it’s not a coincidence that Abbott and Co. has initiated an inquiry into the tax-deductibility status of environment groups. But it may have its work cut out silencing the farmers and their communities who produce our food and fibre. With the Coalition’s emission reduction target way below the Dutch, it’s time for Australians to take legal action against a Government that is knowingly threatening our future survival.

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