The government says yes to Adani

April 03, 2016

At a time when large expanses of coral are bleaching, temperature records keep being broken, extreme weather events are no longer unusual, and there is general agreement around the world that we need to move away from fossil fuels, the decision by the Queensland ALP Government and the Federal Coalition Government before that to approve the Adani coal mine is obscene and abhorrent. Imagine the emissions that will result from the estimated 11 billion tonnes of thermal coal that lies waiting to be being taken out of the ground and shipped through the Great Barrier Reef from the aptly named Abbott Point. And the best the Queensland Government can offer in its justification of this abomination is the mantra of jobs, a disingenuous, desperate and downright ludicrous claim, given that employment in renewables would most likely not just match but far outnumber any mining jobs and also, help us do our bit to address what is fast becoming runaway climate change.

There are people who have made it their life’s work to investigate the science of climate, forests, reefs, biodiversity, riparian zones – you name it – not to mention those who have read and responded to the land over thousands of years, and they have all have provided us with intricate knowledge about how these systems work. But no, instead of listening and acting it seems that our overriding goal is for short-term profit, never mind the ramifications for future generations.

(The first paragraph of the above was sent to and published in the letters section of the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday April 5, 2016)

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