Political aspirants need to acquaint themselves with the facts

April 29, 2016

With media outlets dominated by vested interests, The Saturday Paper, first published in March 2014, is a welcome edition for those of us who like to see progressive views in journalism. In last week’s edition, there was a front page article on the bid by the previous One Nation leader to re-enter politics, and it was accompanied by an editorial on the same subject. With letters to the editor restricted to 160 words, I had to limit my views accordingly, but I couldn’t let some of the opinions of this political aspirant go without a response. Postscript: it was printed the following week, barely edited! Here it is, in its original form.

Surely any MP or aspirant must acquaint themselves with the facts. There are thousands of scientists globally, dedicating their lives to science, informing us and researching ways we might address our mistakes. It is therefore despicable, frankly, for someone who wants to be an MP to opine that we’ve been been “hoodwinked” about climate change (“ ‘This time I’m not going to be cheated’ “, April 23-29). That week’s editorial refers to the media’s dilemma about how much airtime to give Hanson, with quotes from her first speech in 1996, delivered in the House at the exact moment Bob Brown was giving his in the Senate. Yet his was ignored by the media and hers became the paradigm that dominated the Howard Government’s direction from then on. What a different path we may have trodden had the media chosen to focus on the positive messages Bob was putting forward for our future and that of the planet. It is fairly obvious to anyone who is looking that the real hoodwinkers are the fossil fuel profiteers and media outlets like the Courier Mail.

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